C a l e b   J.   C o o k
Dreams of being a Bullet Train Salesman

Prowess of Circumstance
First Mate, First Mate, Social Studies Teacher
Two top posts in different cabins on the same ship for the salary of one! The Gestalt Educator leaves no challenge undisturbed, things will be right again on the high seas, the ship will float, the students will come, or clearly, this First Mate 2x will die trying. Death or glory, it is not just another story.
Jinju, South Korea
March 2020 — September 2023

Head Teacher, Social Studies Teacher
Downtrodden and victimized by shifty upper echelons; the owner of the waning ship on the run for embezzlement; forced to grab for the nearest hagwon and work up from the ESL cesspool, all the while attempting to lift the sunken ship above the waves again. The glory is in the hard work.
Jinju, South Korea
September 2019 — February 2020

First Mate, ESL Department Head, Language Arts Department Head
Teacher + Admin = Gestalt Educator; seized the wheelhouse of a waning ship; preached with the sacred R & D scrolls in the lefthand & managerial prowess in the righthand; finished the school year—the glory days are still to come.
Jinju, South Korea
June 2019 — August 2019

Language Arts Department Head
Tipped to overlord all language arts curriculum and coordination of resources at posh international school; wrote new books for the sacred R & D scrolls.
Jinju, South Korea
September 2018 — June 2019

Language Arts Teacher
Freshly peeled from the wallpaper, degrees used to get foot-in-the-door of posh international school; created epic four skills curriculum for a 98.4% English learning environment; 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students peppered with journaling, essay writing, Latin roots, grammatical finger puzzles, weekly reading assignments; R&D scrolls wrung for every drop and still found a use for an Apache server, too.
Jinju, South Korea
February 2018 — August 2018

Assistant Professor
Education dreadnaught, taming tomorrow's social security contributors in adept English conversation; battling institutionalized cogs with antifossilization spray; preaching the words of the R&D scrolls.
Gyeongju, Korea
March 2012 — February 2018

Tech background tapped to manage stillborn Rails application; Iranians hacked it; rebuilt server into LAMP powerhouse; it's just nursing now.
Gyeongju, Korea
March 2012 — February 2018

Teacher / R&D Mercenary
Freelance educator with secret R&D scrolls wandering in the urban jungle; fresh air never paid so good.
Everywhere, Seoul, Korea
December 2011 — January 2012

ESL First Mate and Master of Curriculum
Reshaped the entire program, commanded the ship, grew the business, and still made children smile.
Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Korea
June 2009 — December 2011

ESL First Mate (in training)
Noticed by the Front Office toiling in the wee-hours; long contract placed in limbo until conclusion of training.
Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Korea
January 2009 — May 2009

ESL Deckhand (with aspirations of First Mate)
Succumbed to the crush of ambition and allowed self to pursue career with a long contract & fat(ter) salary.
Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
March 2008 — December 2008

ESL Mule
Dispensed actual teaching duties to a callow sectarian, opted to undertake creation of a phonics curriculum.
Sanggye-dong, Nowon-gu, Seoul, Korea
March 2007 — February 2008

ESL Teacher
Allowed to perform with perfection to my job description, teaching English as a Second language (with a little clown and ringmaster thrown in).
Seokgwan-dong, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, Korea
September 2005 — February 2007

ESL Ringmaster
Infrected children with English free radicals.
Dongsomun-dong, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, Korea
April 2005 — July 2005

ESL Clown
Empowered children with English fundamentals.
Geum-dong, Buk-gu (Ch'ilgok), Daegu, Korea
May 2003 — February 2005

Naedang-dong, Seo-gu, Daegu, Korea
May 2002 — February 2003

Freelance Web Rat
Littered the internet with quality websites.
June 1998 — December 2013 (in stasis)

Laundry Guy
Rode around in a laundry truck three weeks in April of 2002 (and almost listened to my family and didn't take the job in Korea).

Corporate Web Rat
Littered the internet with useless websites
August 2000 — April 2001

Mop with Attitude
Cleaned up the distasters of other people's lives at a self-storage facility.
April 1998 — November 1998

Freight Monkey
Moved boxes around a dock all evening instead of watching the Simpsons, but I got to drive a forklift and that made it less painful.
October 1993 — November 1997

Line Cook's Lackey
Every dishwashing and pantry boy job I ever had that was supposed to move into that sweet-ass position behind the stove where the real power was.
1990 — 1993
Baguette Shaper
Made the best loaves of french bread in Eugene, Oregon.
1991 — 1992

Books of Enlightenment
Cook, Caleb J., and Barney Lavin. New Approaches to English Communication 01. Seoul: 보명Books, 2016. Print.
(ISBN 978-89-6366-112-4)
Cook, Caleb J., and Barney Lavin. New Approaches to English Communication 02. Seoul: 보명Books, 2016. Print.
(ISBN 978-89-6366-112-4)
Gumienny, Lee, and Caleb J. Cook. Advanced Approaches to English Communication 01. Seoul: 보명Books, 2016. Print.
(ISBN 978-89-6366-107-0)
Gumienny, Lee, and Caleb J. Cook. Advanced Approaches to English Communication 02. Seoul: 보명Books, 2016. Print.
(ISBN 978-89-6366-107-0)

Attested Documents of Potential
F-6 Visa(s)
Changwon Immigration Office, 2020
Ulsan Immigration Office, 2017
Ulsan Immigration Office, 2014
Ulsan Immigration Office, 2012

F-2-1 Visa(s)
Seoul Immigration Office, Sejongno Branch, 2010
Seoul Immigration Office, Sejongno Branch, 2009
Seoul Immigration Office, Sejongno Branch, 2008

E-2 Visa(s)
Visa Extension, Seoul Immigration Office, 2008
Visa Extension, Seoul Immigration Office, 2007
Korean Consulate, Fukuoka, 2005
Korean Consulate, Osaka, 2005
Korean Consulate, New York City, 2003
Korean Consulate, Seattle, 2002

Divorce Papers
Multnomah County, 2003

Certificate of Teaching
Graduate School of Education, someday

Master of Education, TESL
Framingham State University, 2012

Bachelor of Arts
Marylhurst University, 2001 (1893 to 2018, rir)

Lane Community College, 1990


Teaching CV